The Team





We’re here to inspire, and serve, and delight. 

As the founder and owner of StoryWeavers, Parker brings communications experience gained while working with not-for-profit, government contractors, healthcare, and small businesses. He specializes in writing that focuses on story. He’s probably like you in that he doesn’t much like advertising or marketing. But
he does love telling stories. And everybody has one. He’s written a wide range of communication pieces, appearing in websites, research papers, business letters, health promotion and education publications at health centers. He is a regular writer for the local paper and holds a Masters Degree in Digital Storytelling. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn.



Charis has a great eye for design, gift-wrapping each message in just the right package. Her specialized experience in WordPress software combined with her careful skill and warm hospitality bring depth and connection to a screen. She prefers to design while sipping a steaming Earl Gray and nibbling dark chocolate, though she wouldn’t trade the frequent interruptions of rambunctious little boys who eat her chocolate for her.


Rebecca brings a wide range of experience in communications, graphic design, and web development from her work for non-profits and small businesses, as well as through her extensive academic and recreational pursuits. She is a creative and detail-oriented person who loves a challenge, and will bring her passion for excellence to your website.


Cherise loves working with non-profits and small businesses to take their brand to the next level of professional excellence. A writer, editor, and graphic designer, she creates logos, brochures, websites, business cards, pamphlets, etc., giving you a fantastic experience as well as product. She has created for non-profits, fitness businesses, church programs, family businesses, and public speakers.


Ryan’s passion for visuals and decade of branding and marketing experience will make him a valuable asset in your efforts to establish a strong and unique brand.  He has broad experience with commercial, political, and non-profit communications, and looks forward to using his experience to further your organization’s goals!